Kelly Diehl Yates, BA, MA (Southern Nazarene University)

'Testing the Limits of a 'Catholic Spirit': John Wesley: Methodism, and Roman Catholicism' (NTC)

Kelly began work on her doctoral thesis in January 2012. Under the supervision of Dr Geordan Hammond, Kelly’s research is an evaluation of whether or not John Wesley practised the method he set forth in his sermon 'Catholic Spirit'. An ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene, she has served as a senior pastor and an associate pastor in churches in Oklahoma and Arkansas. She teaches for Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, Oklahoma, and for Wesley Seminary, Marion, Indiana.

Select Publications

"'Perhaps he cannot know': John Wesley's Use of Doubt as a Principle of his 'Catholic Spirit'", in Christianity and Doubt: The Church and Doubt, Studies in Church History 52, eds Frances Andrews, Charlotte Methuen, and Andrew Spicer (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016), 331-346. 

 'How do we View People of Other Religions?', in Essential Beliefs: A Wesleyan Primer, eds Diane LeClerc and Mark A. Maddix (Kansas City: Beacon Hill, 2016), 143-148.

 'Jeffrey the Jacobite Poltergeist: The Politics of the Ghost that Haunted the Epworth Rectory in 1716-17', in Wesleyan Theological Journal 50/2  (Fall 2015), 68-79.

'The Wesleyan Trilateral: Prevenient Grace, Catholic Spirit, and Religious Tolerance', in Wesleyan Theological Journal 48/1 (Spring 2013), 54-61.

 'Confederates Hugging Yankees and other Impossibilities our Church Promotes', in Grace and Peace Magazine (Summer/Fall 2011).

'Don’t let it Get You Down: Jesus’ Rejection at Nazareth' and 'We Just Don’t Get It: James and John Request Special Treatment: Mark 10:35-45', in Preacher’s Magazine (Pentecost 2009).