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Justin Bradbury, B.A., B.Th., (Booth University College) M.T.S. (Wycliffe College/University of Toronto)

'Diaspora Missiology and the Church in Canada: Lessons from John Wesley's Theology of Mission' (NTC)

Justin is a church planter with the Wesleyan Church, and has served in pastoral ministry for 20 years. He recently established an immigrant support ministry in Winnipeg, Canada, out of which a new congregation has emerged. Justin is researching Wesley's concept of mission as it emerges from the theology of the means of grace.  He seeks to apply this theology as a way to minister effectively among the growing diaspora populations found in Canada. Justin is married with 3 children.

Justin is an Adjunct Instructor at Kingswood University (Sussex, NB) and a Sessional Lecturer in Missiology at Providence University College (Otterburne, MB). 

Email: jbpastor5@gmail.com

Justin Bradbury's CV