Junior Fellows - Wesley and Methodist Studies

Junior Fellows are postgraduate research students registered for doctoral (or MPhil) research through any partner institution who have completed their probationary review. Listed below is the topic of each Fellows' research and the institution where they are registered. Further details about Fellows can be found by clicking on their name. Comments from graduated Junior Fellows are available

Justin Bradbury, 'Diaspora Missiology and the Church in Canada: Lessons from John Wesley's Theology of Mission', (NTC)

Sègbégnon Mathieu Gnonhossou, 'Reconstructing Africa with the Cross of Christ: A Wesleyan Contribution to Social Healing in Benin' (NTC/ATS) 

Steve Gober, ‘Whole Person Formation of US Hispanic Post-traditional Seminarians in the Wesleyan Holiness Tradition’ (NTC).

Deanna Hayden, 'A Wesleyan Theology of Spiritual Leadership Rooted in Social Trinitarianism' (NTC)

Maximilian Hölzl, 'Non-Conformist Evangelical Anticipations of Post-Christendom Mission: Exemplified in Puritanism and Pietism' (NTC)

David A. Hull, ‘The principles and practices of the missiology of the Revd Dr Rob Frost and their legacy for the policy of contemporary British Methodism’ (Cliff College)

Thomas Sie-Ngiu Lau, '"Let us go on toward perfection”: A Critical Study of John Shang-Chieh Sung’s Theology of the New Birth and Sanctification' (NTC)

Richard Saunders-Hindley, 'Justification by Faith: A Dialogue Between Wesleyan Theology and the New Perspective on Paul' (NTC)

William Snider, 'The American Holiness Movement Confronts the Challenge of the Emerging Pentecostal Movement (1901-1919): An Analysis of Proximity and Confrontation' (NTC)